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Activites over Christmas break

Activites over Christmas break

Christmas activities

It’s Christmas…. FINALLY!!

Time to unwind, take a break and spend time with the family; it’s also important, especially after so much disruption, to continue closing the gaps of learning.

Learn through fun!

Money Management & Maths

Help your child understand the value of money. 

1.Give your child £10-£20 and go Christmas goodies shopping.

2.Allow your child to choose whatever they like.

3.Your child must add the cost of the items picked up and work out the change. 

This activity will empower your child, instil value for money, help him/her to understand the limits of spending and, above all, spend wisely. Their calculation skills will be enhanced as they will be adding and subtracting using their knowledge of coins. 

Practise  Online in Short Bursts

We would like to introduce a FREE TRIAL to SmartStepZ online between 27th December to 2nd January. Leave your contact information and access the following: 

-2 set of papers: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning

-Work monitored

-Gaps identified

-Feedback given

Since the children will be online anyway, it might be worth monitoring the time spent so some of it can be spent on educational games. Games do have the power to boost a child’s resilience and confidence. 

When you do finally need a coffee and some “me” time, online games are ideal!

-Maths games

-Brain games

-Science games

-11 plus games

A Bowl of Popcorn and Educational Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are not only an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy themselves but the storylines help children become emotionally intelligent. 

We recommend:

-A Christmas Carol – 2009

-Nightmare Before Christmas – 1993

-How the Grinch Stole Christmas  – 2000

Christmas Books

Last but not the least, read some Christmas books. Reading improves your child’s vocabulary, comprehension and focus. Reading is the key to closing the gaps that have been created and to a better, easier understanding of all that is being taught. 

We recommend: 

-Dairy of a Christmas Elf

-The Girl who saved Christmas

-The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List

-A Christmas Memory 

-The Christmas Pig

-The Night I Met Father Christmas

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