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Celebrating Holi – What you need to know about the festival of colours

Very much like Easter, Holi is a celebration of love and new beginnings, but it does get very messy! The Hindu festival of Holi is a religious event observed by millions of people around the world, celebrating new life, Spring, harvest and the victory of good

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Need Help? Free Fab Fun Easter Activities Today!

Wherever you live, whatever you plan to do there will be fun activities that you can do either at home or out and about. When finances are tight free events are always the best things to find! Google “Free Easter Events Near Me” and you be

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Discover What You Know About Easter Now!

So what do you know about Easter? Easter is the most important festival of the year for most Christians and a holiday for many others…but why? Most , if not all of us are aware that Easter is a Christian festival which marks the resurrection of

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Great Free Activities for over the Christmas Break

It’s Christmas…. FINALLY!! Time to unwind, take a break and spend time with the family; although it’s also important, especially after so much disruption, to continue closing the gaps of learning, make sure you do fun things, or make the learning activities fun Free Fun Activities

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