SmartStepZ tutors are specialists

We offer a wide range of tutoring services to meet every type of educational need. We are teachers, parents and technologists based in the United Kingdom and Canada. Our aim is to work together to achieve the best possible result for your child, taking into account their emotional well-being and their academic ability.

Areas we Tutor in

We are constantly expanding the range of services offered


English (Language and Literature) and Math to GCSE


KS2 SATS practice (To help transition to secondary school)


Common Entrance Exams (CEE) into Independent schools


All 11+ ( English, Math, Non-verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning)


Promoting High Quality Learning Of Young Children


Our Core Values

We are constantly expanding the range of services offered, taking care of children of all ages. Our goal is to carefully educate and develop children in a fun way. We strive to turn the learning process into a bright.

What Parents Say

Google Reviews

Jan F
January 22, 2024

I found the Online learning portal an excellent way for my son work on the gaps in his knowledge and for him to work towards the 11+ last year. The video explanations were comprehensive and easy to follow no matter the subject he chose. Riley could work at his own pace and loved the independent learning. The free 1:1 session was an added bonus. I couldn't recommend Nash more highly!

Natalie Rossiter
January 17, 2024

My daughter worked with Nash from the end of Year 4 and throughout Year 5 in preparation for her Bexley Selection test. Nash was always well-prepared for tutoring sessions and was completely transparent in how our child was progressing, sharing weekly updates via PDF. Nash offered support throughout the preparation process and even after too. She was invested in our daughter's success and ensured she knew exactly what she did well and how to improve. She recommended different strategies to help our child make progress and was always open to feedback and communication. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nash as a tutor.

The SmartStepZ website is easy to navigate and the sample papers available were very good in giving an insight as to the online program itself. The questions are challenging and very well explained.

Billal Nayan
January 5, 2024

Great andFantastic support for my little brother who eventually went on to pass his 11+ selective test. 💯 recommendation.

sunita lahori
October 21, 2022

Our daughter was tutored by Nash at Smartstepz for her 11plus exams. Nash was extremely knowledgeable and helped our daughter both academically and building up her self confidence. Our daughter passed both her exams with flying colours. Highly recommend Nash and Smartstepz!!

The Sundays
October 8, 2022

I used smartstepz which came as a recommendation from a friend for my son's 11plus tuition for both Bexley and Kent test. My son passed incredibly well. The tutor is very organized and she is always able to make room for his questions. She always provided feedback on tests on time and always goes over questions that my son gets wrong. I think the tutor is the best and will always recommend her.

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