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Welcome to SmartStepZ online tutoring tailored to 9-12 year olds. Our platform specializes in preparing students for selective schools, 11+, and various examinations and tests crucial for their transition into secondary schools.

SmartStepZ believes in fostering a holistic approach to education. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to help students navigate their academic journey with confidence and success.

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Why choose SmartStepZ ?

Expert tutors, proven success, comprehensive resources, flexible online learning, and a supportive, encouraging environment for students.


Study at your own pace with adaptable online resources.

Expert Tutors

Learn from experienced and qualified tutors for best results.

Proven Results

Significant academic improvement and exam success.

Interactive Learning Tools

Engage with interactive exercises and practice papers.

Comprehensive Subject Coverage

Extensive resources for all 11+ exam subjects.

Supportive Community

Join a network of motivated students and supportive parents.

What Parents Say About us

Hear from parents who have seen remarkable improvements in their children’s 11+ exam performance with SmartStepZ. Their testimonials highlight the effectiveness of our personalized tutoring, comprehensive resources, and supportive learning environment. Read their reviews to see how SmartStepZ has made a difference in their children’s academic journeys.

I found the Online learning portal an excellent way for my son work on the gaps in his knowledge and for him to work towards the 11+ last year. The video explanations were comprehensive and easy to follow no matter the subject he chose. Riley could work at his own pace and loved the independent learning. The free 1:1 session was an added bonus. I couldn't recommend Nash more highly!


The SmartStepZ website is easy to navigate and the sample papers available were very good in giving an insight as to the online program itself. The questions are challenging and very well explained.


My daughter worked with Nash from the end of Year 4 and throughout Year 5 in preparation for her Bexley Selection test. Nash was always well-prepared for tutoring sessions and was completely transparent in how our child was progressing, sharing weekly updates via PDF. Nash offered support throughout the preparation process and even after too. She was invested in our daughter's success and ensured she knew exactly what she did well and how to improve.


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