How to improve English

How to improve your child’s English ahead of the 11+? Find out more about how we can help your child in English! What are the 11 plus English topics and how can you improve in them? Before you crack on with your studies it’s important to

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I should have read!

Why does my tutor go on and on about reading ? There are so many other things I can do rather than read, am I right?  There’s Netflix, Youtube, my game console and my new iphone; there is so much I can do on it. .

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Vocabulary for the 11+ Exam

Vocabulary for the 11+ Exam Vocabulary is a very important part of the English language as it helps us convey and express ourselves better. The wider your vocabulary the more effectively you can make your point. The other reasons why its important include: To understand text 

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How to improve English skills for the 11+

How to improve English skills for the 11+ You can’t improve English skills overnight; it requires a lot of persistence and practise. To help you on your way, here are a few tips you can follow:  Listen to your child read and test their understanding Reading

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Struggling with how to develop your vocabulary?

In this day of tech, is developing your child’s vocabulary proving to be a challenge? There are literally thousands of words in the English language and it continuously evolves over time. All I need to say is “like” and you know where I am coming from innit!

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Want to Know How to Pass a Verbal Reasoning Test?

What is a verbal reasoning test? Verbal reasoning tests reveal how well you can understand written information. Usually, you read a short passage of text followed by true, false and cannot say questions, invariably multiple choice. These tests are designed to assess your ability to understand

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