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What is non-verbal reasoning?

What are non-verbal reasoning tests?

Non-verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and analyse visual problems and solve them accordingly. The subject revolves around solving problems using pictures, shapes and diagrams rather than words and sentences.

11 plus non-verbal reasoning

The questions could include any of the following:

  • Highlighting the odd shape in a sequence
  • Figuring out what a shape would look like when folded
  • Finding identical shapes in a series of five shapes
  • What will a shape look like when rotated
  • Figuring out the next shape/diagram in a sequence

How to improve in non-verbal reasoning

  • Have a good understanding of mathematical concepts such as symmetry, rotation, shape, and direction
  • Play games such as spot the difference
  • Develop spatial awareness
  • Finally, make sure you do practise tests.

Access a bunch of practise tests through which you can improve your child’s non-verbal reasoning skills.

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