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How do you think you fare with a non-verbal reasoning question?

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What is non-verbal reasoning?

Non-verbal reasoning, also known as abstract reasoning involves solving problems usually presented in diagram or picture form. This means that visual clues are more important than words — hence the term non-verbal. The reasoning bit simply means ‘finding the correct answer’.

The non-verbal reasoning test is used in the 11+ exam taken by some Year 6 children along with the entrance exams of some independent and public schools.

Non-verbal reasoning is generally not taught to children at school, as it’s not academically based. Papers within the 11+ are specifically designed for non-verbal reasoning which will test your child’s ability to apply logic and observational skills.

Non-verbal intelligence allows us to think through, plan for, and implement projects as well as to organize and manage our time, and our belongings. It is the common sense element that gets us through our days.

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