Preparing for 11+ with Online Tutoring

In this “New Normal”, change has become necessary. We have all learned to find new ways of working to accomplish the same objective.

When it comes to a child’s education, parents are reluctant to believe that online one-to one tutoring can bring about the same results as face to face tutoring, especially when it involves preparing for the 11plus exams.

We firmly believe it depends on the tutor and the way in which the lesson is structured.

At SmartStepz, we have developed a method which has proven to be very successful.

1)     The student must have a touch screen laptop or a writing board/pen.

2)    The software used is a virtual whiteboard- tutor can see the student’s work and the student can see the tutor’s explanations.

3)    The session is planned ahead of time and a URL is e-mailed before the session start.

4)    Any work remaining is left to be completed and the tutor will return to mark it; this allows the parent and the tutor to monitor the student.

5)    Parent receives a PDF of the completed session with feedback and ‘next steps.’

6)    Homework is e-mailed each week and any questions not understood are copied into the new tutoring session.

7)    Parents do not need to spend unnecessary time travelling to ensure tutoring time is not lost and are also able to sit in on session, should they choose.

One might be suggested that online tutoring lacks human contact making it impersonal. On the contrary not only are the tutoring session longer, it allows the tutor to have a conversation with the student without having to rush through the lesson.

It is pivotal for parents to rethink their mindsets; sit in on one of our online session and watch a student prepare for the 11+ exams. You’ll think you are sitting next to the tutor!

Interested in our online one to one sessions or have any questions? Get in touch.

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