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Helpful Activity ideas for the October half-term holiday

As the October half-term approaches as parents we start to wonder how on earth we can keep our kids entertained for a week! So here goes with some ideas you might like to try…

Get Messy in the Kitchen

Cooking or baking is a whole load of fun for children and allows you, as a parent, to bond with your child and develop the following skills:

– listening skills – children learn to follow instructions

– responsibility of handling ingredients and ensuring that they follow a process well

– cooking allows a child to explore their senses whether it’s understanding the taste is spicy or sweet, or the – – smell is strong or not

– gives our child the opportunity  to make healthy choices regarding their diet

– helps develop some maths skills whether it’s understanding measurements  or the price of an ingredient 

– helps the child to become more independent!

Learn a new Language

Half-term is a good time to encourage your little one to learn a few words or sentences of a new language. I can’t stress this enough, it is always worth exposing  your child to a new language as early as possible.

Some research has shown that language development begins before birth with babies hearing sounds in the womb. Learning a language is a lifelong journey even in a native tongue but make it fun to learn a new one together! Buy simple books, play games – my daughter had Usborne French Bingo…which I don’t think is available anymore, but they still do sticker books and primary French, and many more companies out there produce amazing resources. I am also sure there will be a myriad of things to discover on YouTube!

Get Creative

It’s very important to encourage your little one to stay in touch with their creative side. 

– encourage your child to draw complex drawings – you can find videos they can copy on YouTube
– make cards and postcards using cardboard paper
– origami animals 
– arts and crafts
– colouring and painting
– use their imagination to build/create  using recyclable materials
– can you knit, sew or crochet? It is never too late to share skills

Outdoor half-term activity ideas

Running out of ideas on what to do with your child this half-term but really want them to be outdoors, here are a few ideas:

– take them on a bike ride at a local park
– sign up to a sports club 
– holiday clubs privately or via your school 
– take them to the theatre
– day to the museum 
– theme park
– nature walks

Rest…but learn ;oD

It’s crucial that you allow your child to rest and enjoy their half-term because of their hard work in the term gone by. However, if your child does require further support so they are up to speed with their learning then do get in touch. Our SmartStepZ Online learning platform  will give us an opportunity to help your child improve on areas they may need to build upon.

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