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A guide on how to improve your child’s concentration

A guide on how to improve your child’s concentration

Do you find it difficult to homeschool your child? Are you receiving complaints from his/her school teacher?  Find out more about how to improve your child’s concentration, in this blog.

What does lack of concentration and focus in children look like

A child with concentration problems may demonstrate any of the following: 

– easily distracted 

– can’t sit still

– struggles to follow simple and complex instructions 

– struggles to complete homework

– has the tendency to lose and misplace things

– poor handwriting compared to children of similar age

– displays negative behaviours for example irritability, moodiness and anger

What causes a lack of concentration in a child?

First things first, let’s get to the bottom of the issue before we get to the diagnosis. Children are naturally very energetic and curious so  when things lack fun, they tend to lose interest. Not all signs of loss of concentration mean the child is displaying signs of learning difficulties, sometimes it could be a much simpler reason such as:

-your child may not be sleeping well or has a poor routine

-diet plays a vital role; sugary and fatty foods can affect your child’s ability to focus

-family trauma 

-certain medications and organic illnesses 

-excessive screen time , especially when prior to bed

How can you improve your child’s concentration?

So here you are reading this and wondering, as a parent, how can I improve my child’s concentration skills? Not to worry. Here are some simple things you can do to make lives easier: 

Speak and give instructions clearly

Children are still very young and aren’t psychic. If you want them to do something and understand you, you have a responsibility to make sure you’re as clear as possible. When communicating with your child, make sure you are maintaining eye contact. If your child doesn’t understand what you are saying then repeat what you said and allow them to ask questions. It’s also important that you minimise any distractions, for example someone on a call,  as children find it difficult to filter out distractions. 

Make it fun and energetic

Since kids are fun and energetic, your methods to maintain their attention need to be as well. Perhaps the incentive to focus needs to be fun too. Make the method in which you teach them as engaging and fun as possible, in a manner they will understand. Also, give them incentives that will excite them. Practical activities play a huge part in learning through fun!

Practice concentration exercises with your child

This may be through following a recipe that your little one can take a lead on or playing some activities and games. Puzzles are another way through which you can boost concentration skills in your child.

Instil time management in your child

Just like concentration skills are essential to helping your child succeed, time management is equally important in helping with focus. Let’s say your child wishes to play but there’s an  English paper that needs to be done. Simply portioning the homework to be completed that day into bite-size pieces( 20 mins each ) with 10 mins playtime between each piece, is an effective way to get them to focus.

Practice mindfulness

This may not be as easy initially, but if you, as a parent,  are committed then it will definitely help your child. Regular mindfulness helps reduce stress levels and improves concentration in children and adults. 

Of course, if all your efforts are going to waste. It’s better to speak to a teacher and also get your child checked for learning difficulties. It may just be a matter of your child needing additional support or tutoring. Remember – no child is the same. 

Contact us now so we can either set your child up on the SmartStepZ Online Platform or we can start giving your child one-to-one tutoring sessions from today. Together we can give your child a future they deserve.

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