Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Find out what verbal reasoning is.

Are you worried about your child’s verbal reasoning 11 plus test? Not too sure what it is or how to improve your child’s confidence in this subject? You’re in the right place. At SmartStepz we want to work with you in shaping your child’s future towards excellence. Find out more about verbal reasoning, how to improve and above all access our learning resources and test papers that will help your child. 

What are verbal reasoning tests 

Most schools won’t prepare you for verbal reasoning tests as the subject fundamentally aims to test a student’s ability to critically think and solve problems using their own knowledge. 

The different questions could include things like spotting letter sequences, following written instructions, cracking codes based on letter and numerical values and more.

Tips for verbal reasoning tests

In order to succeed at verbal reasoning tests, students are advised to work on expanding their vocabulary. The simplest way to do this is by encouraging your child to read more.

Other ways to boost your verbal reasoning skills and improve your chances of passing the test are:

  • Playing word games such as scrabble and hangman.
  • Give your child a spelling challenge.
  • Advise the child not to rush through verbal reasoning questions and to really understand what they are being asked.
  • Practise makes perfect! – Encourage your child to do some verbal reasoning practise tests as that would increase their chances of doing better.

Practise makes perfect!

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