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What are the 11 plus English topics and how can you improve in them?

Before you crack on with your studies it’s important to first assess your current abilities. This helps you understand where your gaps are and then work on improving those.

How to improve your child’s spelling, grammar and punctuation:

  • Help your child to improve their spellings by doing tests and spelling challenges. Encourage your child to double check their spellings; this habit insures your child will not lose unnecessary marks.
  • Get your child into the habit of using punctuation properly. Whether it is the use of capitals, commas, exclamation marks or semi colons, they are all important to master!
  • Make use of these new skills by helping your child to practise structuring their sentences effectively.

Vocabulary and Literacy

Reading regularly will help enhance these skills as it helps you identify concepts such as nouns, pronouns and adjectives that are part of the test.


When testing your child’s comprehension, your child will be given a fiction/non-fiction piece of text to read. Therefore it is essential that your child gets into the habit of reading the text more than once and fully grasps the context of it. When answering, make sure to always relate back to the question using references. 

Creative writing 

The creative writing test takes into account the student’s ability to compose and structure a sentence effectively, the use of spelling and punctuation and also tests grammar and the use of vocabulary. In the exam the student may be asked to either write from a personal perspective or use writing techniques such as persuade, explain or even describe.

Practise English 11 plus papers

The best way to get better at anything is through practise. Exams are no different. By practising using test papers you are not only getting better at a skill, you are also practising doing so in the allocated time. 

You can access a wide range of English 11 plus papers here. We’re here to help your child achieve success and excellence. If your child is struggling with English, we are here to help.

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Free printable resources  to practise your vocabulary

We will upload a new set of resources. You can print these resources and get practising. Each resource will consist of 40 words. To get the maximum benefit out of these resources:

  1. Pick a small amount of keywords from the resource
  2. Write their definitions down
  3. Get an adult to test you 
  4. Test your spelling
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